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The Ultimate Guidebook for Network Marketing/Direct Selling Professionals...
GO PRO: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. Voted the # 1 book for Network Marketers! 
There are 7 skills you must learn if you want to become a network marketing professional, and this guide book will teach you each of these 7 skills:

1. Finding prospects
2. Inviting prospects to understand your product or opportunity
3. Presenting your product or opportunity to your prospects
4. Following up with your prospects
5. Helping your prospect become customers or distributors
6. Helping new distributors get started right
7. Grow your team by promoting events

"My wish for you is to make the decision to become a Network Marketing Professional and for you to GO PRO. Because it is a stone-cold fact that Network Marketing is a better way." -Eric Worre
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"Eric Worre's "Go Pro" Lives up to its title, a Captivating book taking the reader through the world of becoming a true professional in Network Marketing! Eric's real life experience comes to life providing an abundance of insight and a practical "step by step" guide that will shave years off your learning curve!"
-Joshua Denne
"This book empowers every network marketer with this powerful, easy to understand guide on several of the most important fundamentals of our business. Recruiting can really be this easy, once we understand how to do it right and practice. Every networker should read this book at least once every 3 months."
-Brian Carruthers
"Eric hit it square on the head with "Go Pro". If you want to become a professional in network marketing, then his book is a must read. That means non-negotiable. If I want to become a pro, it is a requirement to read "Go Pro". Get his book now! This book is already destined to become an all-time classic for our profession."
-Todd Falcone
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With this Revolutionary Book you'll learn:
  • Path To Success : The one statement that will instantly change everything and put you on the path to success.
  • Get Started With Little Money : How to get started WITHOUT a ton of money (unlike traditional businesses you don't need a lot of capital to get started).
  • Ultimate "Universal" Opportunity : Why this is the ultimate "universal" opportunity… your background, experience, age, race, and gender do NOT matter.
  • Avoid Losing The Game : The 3 categories of people in Network Marketing and how to AVOID being the two types that "lose the game" every time.
  • Find Prospects : How to effortlessly find prospects and get them involved without being pushy or "salesy".
  • Unburden Yourself : How to take the "burden" off yourself by using tools that your company gives you.
  • Remove All Fear : Exactly what to say in any situation… these scripts will remove all fear about saying the "wrong" thing and make you look like a Pro.
  • Earn More Money : The 7 learnable, doable, repeatable steps to becoming a Pro and earning more money in network marketing commissions.
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